Private Policy

This privacy policy reflects the ways we are dealing with information, which is considered “personal information” and is addressed to the end-users of our apps.

What we gather and do not

We are not keeping information about installation of our apps on your device (like time, date, IP-address). We are not keeping the unique ID of your device, even if it is submitted by your device during installation.

We can request some information directly for the purpose of registering your score in high scores system.

How do we share it

We do not share any information submitted or requested from your device. We do not give access to our information to the third parties, we never link our information to any other databases. For the last two years we have never received any requests from the state authorities of any country for providing such information.


Some of our Android apps were reported to be requesting access to the contacts book of the mobile phones. This is required by the “tell a friend” feature. Nevertheless, your contacts information is used within your phone and never downloaded by us.

Our policy may be updated from time to time. Latest version will be posted on our site.

Should you have any questions regarding your personal information, please contact us by e-mail: